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Flexico Concrete Floor Resurfacing Concrete Coating

Flexico offers residents and businesses high quality, professional concrete flooring systems suitable for resurfacing and coating concrete floors. There highly developed systems provide a flexible and durable concrete floor coating that is 4x stronger than the epoxy equivalent yet it is much more affordable. Flexico have developed and refined the concrete floor coating process taking old boring concrete floors and transforming them into a stunning center piece of your home or business.

The Flexico concrete floor coating systems offer the greatest quality, durability and affordability over any other product within Australia. Flexico are the exclusive distributor of Citadel Floor Finishing products throughout Australia, providing you with the world's highest quality concrete floor finishing and concrete floor resurfacing system available for the complete refurbishment of your concrete slabs.

Concrete floor coatings are the ultimate solution for chipped, cracked, stained or plain concrete slabs, creating an attractive, polished concrete finish that can even have non-slip additives mixed in during the layout process. Epoxy is an outdated product that requires too much maintenance to be used in industrial and commercial environments. That's why Flexico choose to use the Citadel polyurea substance. Polyurea provides a flexible coating that will withstand those harsh conditions of a factory workshop floor as well as your own garage or driveway concrete floor. Providing extremely fast drying times and suitable for all environments, your business will experience minimum downtime during the floor coating process.

Explore the entire range of Flexico concrete floor finishes and concrete floor coatings as well as the complete online photo gallery at or contact a flooring specialist near you by calling 0422 668 449 now.

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Posted 22nd September 2011 in Concrete Resurfacing.

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Flexicoat Flooring

  • Flexible Coating & Abrasive Resistant
  • Twice The Adhesion Of Epoxy
  • Environmentally Friendly EcoSafe
  • Suitable For Indoors & Outdoors
  • Non Slip Characteristics
  • Fast Cure Time - 24 Hours
  • 10 Year Domestic Warranty*
  • 5 Year Commercial Warranty*


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